Aphrodite Lagouvardou-Spantidaki, Chemist laid the foundations for the establishment of CHEMICOTECHNIKI, which has been active in the field of Analytical Laboratories until today.

The founding date is significant because on the same day the company was established, Maria Spantidaki was also born, who is now a co-owner of the company and represents both the new generation and its vitality.

Since 2012, the business has relocated to new privately owned facilities, covering 600 square meters, in an independent building at the entrance of Rethymno.

Χημικοτεχνική, Ανάλυση νερού Ρέθυμνο, Χημικά εργαστήρια Κρήτη, Ανάλυση εδάφους, Αναλύσεις ζωοτροφών

The CHEMICOTECHNIKI Laboratories are among the first laboratories in Greece to operate for many decades under the international quality systems ISO 17025 and among the first to be accredited by ΕΣΥΔ (Certificate Number 46/05). Additionally, they are members of the international cooperation for laboratory accreditation (ILAC).

The diverse team of laboratories consists of specialized scientists from various disciplines: Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Biologists, Agronomists, and Food Technologists.

Throughout all these years, the name CHEMICOTECHNIKI has been associated with excellent, high-quality laboratory analyses and technical consulting services.

Our valuable experience accumulated over thirty years in various fields, coupled with our expertise in laboratory services, provide us with a significant competitive advantage in the market.

Therefore, our products and solutions are designed to precisely meet the needs of our clients and the market



Δειγματοληψία Ρέθυμνο Κρήτης, Χημικοτεχνική,


Performed with appropriate equipment in Crete and the Dodecanese Islands by specialized personnel.


The largest Accreditation Field in Crete


Among the largest Accreditation Fields in Greece


Excellent Technical Support

years of laboratory experience and counting..
square meters of state-of-the-art facilities
collaborations with businesses across Greece and the European Union
conducting thousands of analyses every year


CHEMICOTECHNIKI has a highly qualified team of scientists with expertise and experience in water quality control, environmental monitoring, food, and beverage analysis.

At the laboratories, the scientific staff includes Chemical Engineers, Chemists, Biologists, Agronomists, & Food Technologists.

The company’s management is conducted by its two members: Aphrodite Lagouvardou-Spantidaki and Maria Spantidaki. Both members of the management team are dedicated to continuous investment in time and resources, aiming to better serve the company’s clients.


Aphrodite Lagouvardou-Spantidaki

Chemical Engineer, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Maria I. Spantidaki

Chemist, MSc, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki





Sample registration and reception department

All samples, once they arrive at the laboratory, whether from sampling conducted by the company’s trained personnel or directly from the client, are received, the reception forms are completed, they are registered, and they receive a unique laboratory code number for sample traceability

To ensure the quality of services and to provide faster, easier, and more effective customer service, CHEMIKOTECHNIKI has implemented the LIMS–LAB @LINK laboratory data management program, which was developed over six years in collaboration with an application development company..


  • Five (5) gas chromatographs (GC) with FID, ECD, NPD, FPD detectors
  • Two (2) gas chromatographs with triple quadrupole mass spectrometer detectors (MS/MS, Triple Quadrupole)
  • High-pressure liquid chromatography system with triple quadrupole mass spectrometer detector (UHPLC/MS-MS)
  • Ion chromatography system for the determination of anions and cations
  • Atomic absorption system (AAS)
  • Online liquid and gas chromatography system (HPLC-GC-FID) for MOSH-MOAH analysis
  • Inductively coupled plasma emission system (ICP-OES)
  • Dithiocarbamate extraction device – shaking water bath
  • Molecular absorption spectrophotometers (UV-VIS)
  • Liquid chromatography system with detectors
  • Photometers
  • Dietary fiber extraction device
  • ELISA photometer
  • Microwave digestion furnace for heavy metals determination
  • Infrared spectrophotometers (FT-IR spectroscopy)
  • BOD device and chamber
  • Automatic milk analyzer
  • COD digestion and measurement device
  • Cryoscope
  • Turbidity meters
  • Automatic digestion and distillation device (Kjeldahl)
  • Ashing furnace
  • Automatic Sohxlet extraction device
  • Drying oven with vacuum pump
  • Rotary evaporator equipped with cooling system
  • Centrifuge – GERBER centrifuge
  • Freezers, refrigerators, other supporting equipment
  • Ultrasonic bath
  • Conductivity meters – pH meters
  • Other laboratory equipment

Equipment of the microbiology laboratory department

  • Laminar flow hood
  • Sterilization ovens for bottles and tools
  • Incubators
  • Microscopes – Stereoscope
  • VIDAS device for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms
  • Water baths
  • Stomacher device
  • Vortex mixers
  • Filtration devices for water and wastewater samples
  • UV lamp
  • Colony counter
  • Balances
  • Autoclaves
  • Other laboratory equipment

Equipment of the molecular biology department

  • Real Time PCR system
  • Magnetic rack for genetic material separation
  • Refrigerated centrifuge & mini centrifuge
  • PCR Cooler
  • UV sterilization cabinet with timer, four UV lights, and white light
  • Variable volume pipettes
  • Biological Safety Cabinet
  • Other laboratory equipment

Equipment of the sensory testing department for olive oil

The sensory evaluation of olive oils is conducted in specially designed testing booths where absence of odors and noise is ensured. Each booth is equipped with a heating device where the special testing glasses with the samples under evaluation are placed. The testing glass is dark blue in color to prevent the tester from being influenced by the color of the olive oil, which is not a quality criterion.

Additionally, each booth is equipped with lighting and a disposal vessel for the samples under evaluation. The laboratories of CHEMIKOTECHNIKI are accredited with an organoleptic panel from the Hellenic Food Authority and recognized by the International Olive Council.

Ms. Maria Spantidaki, a Chemist and Technical Director of the Laboratories, heads the Sensory Testing Laboratory.

Equipment of the sampling department

The laboratory is equipped with 5 professional vehicles.

A critical aspect for obtaining reliable results is proper sampling and the swift transportation of the sample under suitable conditions to the laboratory.

Even the most accurate and detailed analysis will yield incorrect results if the sample is not taken correctly or if its transportation did not occur under the required conditions and in a timely manner.

Additionally, it includes precision instruments for sample collection and field parameter measurement, such as:

  • A sampling device for collecting water samples from various depths.
  • Φορητό Πολύμετρο για τη μέτρηση 10 και πλέον παραμέτρων στο νερό (pH Portable multimeter for measuring 10 or more parameters in water (pH, conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, temperature, etc.) with an integrated GPS system for measuring geographic coordinates of the sampling point.
  • Portable photometers for measuring: pH, Total and Free Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, Bromine, etc.
  • Portable pH meters.
  • Cameras with integrated GPS system for documenting sampling points.

Accounting Department

The laboratory has an internal accountant who is responsible for:

  • Issuing customer invoices
  • Daily collection of receipts from both customers and vendors, and issuing corresponding documentation.
  • Negotiating balances with suppliers and customers, and informing them of any discrepancies (via phone and in writing).
  • Archiving on a daily basis all verified and recorded documents, categorized by type and in chronological order. Maintaining a comprehensive file of all documents, both public and private, organized by subject.
  • Compiling, verifying, and recording daily:
  1. Purchase invoices
  2. Invoices and expense receipts
  3. Payments
  4. Import expense invoices
  5. Bank transactions
  6. Suppliers


Working at Chemical Laboratories means participation in a passionate scientific team that is constantly evolving and provides superior customer service.

Please send your resume, which will remain in our files for potential future collaboration, in case there is a job opening at our company.

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