The CHEMIKOTECHNIKI Laboratories have the widest scope of accreditation for olive oil analyses (ESYD) and are the only laboratories in Greece where all parameters concerning olive oil and oils are executed (without subcontracting). Additionally, we possess an Accredited Panel for Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil.

Our laboratories are recognized by the International Olive Council (IOC), participating in numerous international interlaboratory tests with excellent performance.

Specifically, all analyses are performed on fats and oils such as:

  • Qualitative characteristics of olive oil / oils.
  • Authenticity / Adulteration of olive oil.
  • Contaminants in olive oil.
  • Microbiological contamination of olive oil.

Additionally, the possibility of supplying suitable equipment for measuring the acidity of olive oil is provided:

  • Burette, support stand, volumetric equipment.
  • Necessary reagents for acidity measurement.
  • Measurement method as per the Instruction Manual.

See in detail each of our services separately concerning the production / standardization / olive oil trade: