Organizations and businesses today face critical economic conditions, dealing on one hand with issues related to the quality and competitiveness of their products or services, and on the other hand with compliance to legislative requirements and regulations. In this field, our consulting services serve as an essential tool, as in our laboratories results are evaluated to provide appropriate advice!

Consulting Services:

  • Evaluation and interpretation of results. Preparation of expert opinions.
  • Technical support for problem-solving.
  • On-site visits to clients’ premises, either as preventive measures or in response to outbreaks.
  • Product quality improvement.
  • Legislative support.
  • Continuous updates on standards and support for food safety systems like HACCP, according to ISO 22000.
  • Guidance on product labeling creation.
  • Support for clients in dealings with Authorities (e.g., General Chemical State Laboratory, EFET, Health Services, etc.).
  • Technical solutions for water and wastewater treatment, disinfection, and guidance on proper chemical usage.
  • Client training on health-related issues (e.g., seminars on Legionella).
  • Hygienic recognition in urban networks and water supply systems, problem identification, and technical solutions finding.