For the sustainable management of water, the preservation and improvement of the aquatic environment require continuous monitoring of its quality.

CHEMICOTECHNIKI laboratories, with their scientific personnel and infrastructure, are capable of analyzing the quality characteristics of water. This knowledge is crucial for public health and safety, guiding the adoption of measures and techniques for water treatment and disposal.

Analyses are conducted on:

  • Drinking water, water for human consumption
  • Bottled water (table water – mineral water)
  • Spring waters, groundwater, borehole waters, surface waters (quality control and suitability for drinking, irrigation, processing, animal watering, etc.)
  • Irrigation waters, hydroponics waters
  • Swimming pool waters
  • Machine supply waters
  • Water for concrete preparation
  • Water for selecting treatment methods (reverse osmosis, desalination)
  • Dialysis unit waters
  • Leak waters for source identification
  • Seawater (CHEMICOTECHNIKI laboratories have been conducting quality control checks on all swimming beaches along the coast of Crete for several years)